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My Summer Fun List

Summer is *finally* here (goodbye windy stormy May)!  While I appreciated last month's rain, I found myself longing for sunshine and flip flops and polka dot dresses.  It was hard to feel like it was officially that carefree time for teachers when I spent most of my time indoors away from the wind, hail, and thunder. 

Now that the skies have cleared and the temperatures are up, it finally feels like sweet, sweet summertime!  Oddly enough, this stormy May made me appreciate all the things I love about summer--and in all honesty, sometimes neglect to enjoy when I slip into my daily routine. When fall rolls around, I wistfully look back at the time I could have spent picnicking, stargazing, or generally goofing around instead of getting locked into a set schedule (that dreadful little thing!). 

This year I have decided not to let that happen and this summer fun list is going to help me make sure I indulge in all the simple pleasures of the season.  After all, summer, at its best, reminds us of the power of play.

So here is my list, in no particular order, and that will no doubt continue to grow:

1. Enjoy more summer cookouts.  One of best things about summer is cooking outside and lingering over a refreshing drink and good conversation.  Oh, and eating smores.

2. Visit the Farmers market A lot.  To feast on all those delicious local fruits and veggies!

3. Go to a baseball game.  Summer isn't summer without at least one ball game.

4. Walk barefoot.  Who needs shoes when the temperature is up?

5. Have more picnics.  I absolutely love throwing down a blanket in the grass to enjoy a simple feast, a good book, and a sunny day.

6. Dance.  Dance.  Dance.  Salsa dancing in my case.  Summer is the perfect time to do all the things you don't always get to do when you're in the daily grind of your regular routine--like going out dancing without having to worry about being up early the next day.

7. Go swimming There's something about diving into a pool and splashing around that makes me feel like a kid again. 

8.  Stargaze.  New Mexico is such a perfect place to look at the stars--which, I admit, I don't do enough of--but when I do, I feel like I could drink up those stars forever.

9.  Sunbathe.  Right up there with stargazing, I love (safe) sun-soaking.  It feels great to shed the extra layers of clothes in favor of a bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses.

10. Drink frilly cocktails.  On the porch.  Sprawled on the grass.  In some shaded garden nook.  Poolside--wherever I can!  With the bounty of the season, it's fun to mix up fruit and herb concoctions to quench your thirst. Hello, gin fizz...

11.  Wear fun summer dresses.  So I love flouncy dresses.  Like, LOVE.  Especially if there are polka dots involved.  This playful season allows me to get even more cheeky with my wardrobe.

12.  Stay up late reading Okay, I've been pretty good with this one already.  It is such an indulgence to get lost in a good book, especially when you know you aren't ruled by the morning alarm clock.

13.  Garden. Who doesn't love fresh tomatoes from her own garden?

14.  Pickle everything! This is like preserving summer in a jar--and no lunch sandwich is complete without fresh pickles.

15.  Watch the sunrise.  Taking time in the morning to appreciate the cooler temps and watch the city slowly wake up is the ultimate luxury.

16.  Watch the sun set.  With a glass of wine in hand.  Too often I can come home with a to-do list (yoga, clean, eat) and lose track of those moments of stillness that allow me to savor the beauty of nature.

17.  Forget schedules.  Lose track of time.  Often.

18. Visit museums.  One of my favorite things to do, when I lived in Seattle was to visit museums, particularly one summer when the city experiences a record-breaking heat wave...and I had no air-conditioning in my apartment.  Yuck!  So instead of drowning in my own sweat (great for hot yoga, but not so much for getting through the day), I would go to a lovely air conditioned museum, look at art, and simply be.  It occurred me that I don't do that enough in Albuquerque, so now's the time to fix that.  

19.  Mid-week afternoon movie watching Who doesn't love an air conditioned almost empty theater?

20.  Daydream...

...the list could go on and on, but I figure if I can even tackle half of these and enjoy a popsicle or two, I've had a nice full summer.

What's on your summer fun list?

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