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On Goofing Around

You don't have any set plans.  All you know is that you woke up feeling ready for something.  A trip to Santa Fe maybe.  Or a cruise down Central.   Or even a double feature downtown.  The day is calling to you, inviting experiences unfettered by schedules or set plans, only the sweet, buoyant energy of mischief.

Your only promise to the day: to lose track of time.  So you do it, and you do it with abandon.

Here is the chocolate shop, where you hem and haw over your options, knowing full well that you will finally settle on your favorite caramel and almond dark chocolate lobos.  Then your fancy takes you to the rock and mineral shop--any day is a good day for looking at stones and crystals and finding a new piece of bling to wear.  It is the smokey quartz crystal that seduces your first, then the hematite and the lapis laluzi and the howlite and the list goes on and on.  You run your fingers over each and everyone one of those stones, feeling the healing vibrations, the strong earth energy that grounds and invigorates...

...which leads you to think of gardening.  Or was it the sun and the fresh air that got you thinking this way?  No matter.  You allow yourself to be swept up in another adventure, on the hunt for supplies for your potted garden--interrupted only by a pit stop at your favorite used bookstore because, well, you could.

Soon your attention is drawn to the idea of refreshments.  Lunch, perhaps, or some tea.  It doesn't really matter where you go or what you do, only that you don't think too hard about any of it.  It is the pleasure principle guiding you from one indulgence to the next.

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