Welcome to Enchantment Learning and Living, an inspirational blog dedicated to the magic of everyday life

Yes, magic.  The kind of stuff that makes your day just a little more special--the deep dreams that make you feel as if your waking life is the illusion, the dreams your reality, and the nightmares that help you face what you need to face.  The desert moon.  A perfect synchronous moment.  A visit from the trickster Coyote to set you back on your path (or joyfully get off it).  And yeah, the everyday enchantments--proverbial spells, hexes, and glamors--that we cast often without realizing it and sometimes with unforeseen consequences (what's life without a few lessons learned the hard way?).

Magic and simple pleasures.  Like that sumptuous early morning yoga or the much-needed afternoon cup of tea.  Or a day spent indulging in books and bubble baths.  Yes, definitely that last one.  These are spells too, of a sort, crafting our lives out of wishes, thoughts, actions, routines.

So who am I?

...you might want to start with a less complicated question.  Recovering academic. Unapologetic introvert. Fantasy and cozy mystery book addict who will read any book with glitter, dragons, or sky pirates on the cover--and not ironically. Tea nerd, polka dot lover, crystal-wearing sun gazer, forever looking for magic in my life and somehow always finding more than I thought was there. 

That's about what I know about myself.  That and I won't say no to a good cocktail or a crazy kitchen experiment but will happily reject cynics, stuffed-shirts, and general nay-sayers in favor of people who are full-on-all-the-way in love with life and the glittery-gritty goodness of its magic--even when that magic scares us out of our comfort zones into deeper consciousness.  I've been in this world long enough to know that if you don't love enchantment, enchantment will never love you. 

So if you're the shameless mystical kind of person, the unafraid to be you-er than you kind of person, stick around.  There's plenty of everyday magic to conjure here!

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