Welcome to Enchantment Learning and Living, a blog dedicated to the magic of everyday life.  I write about the simple pleasures and daily lessons we encounter as we go about our lives.  I relish the daily rituals of self care--the early morning yoga, the afternoon cup of tea--and the moments of synchronous magic that blossom out of the pure enjoyment and awareness of the world around us--like finding that perfect book you didn't know you needed or getting lost in the desert in order to find your expansive self again. 

So who am I?

I'm a teacher by day, blogger by night, Burquena always. I live, teach, and write in the Land of Enchantment, otherwise known as New Mexico.  My passion is to nourish the simple art of daily living.  There is nothing more joyous than experiencing the subtle enchantment imbued in our day to day lives, if only we take the time to look for it.

Join me in 2014 for daily meditations on the magic of everyday life!

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