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On Summer Cookouts

The day is hotter than hot--but that's okay, it only makes your lemonade taste better.  You've spent another afternoon sunbathing and then snoozing in the shade of your favorite backyard tree.  Soon it'll be time to fire up the grill and prepare dinner.  It will be a lazy affair--entering the cool quiet of the kitchen to prepare a plate of burger fixings, slice some juicy watermelon, an assortment of easy appetizers. 

The real treat comes when you've prepared the burger meat--buffalo, with a pinch of seasoning and no fillers.  It is pure bliss to hear those patties sizzle on the grill alongside corn grilling in its own husk.  The heat rolls off the grill in waves--not that much different from the desert heat outside.  Still, you can keep to the shade, cool drink in hand, and enjoy watching your sister's dogs huff and sniff their way through the yard, roll in patches of mint, and finally finding peace inside the air-conditioned house.

Half the pleasure of your meal is in the making of it; taking the time it takes to stoke the grill and flip your burgers over conversation and sunshine.  Cookouts ignore the niceties of eating inside in favor of grass between your toes, sun on your back, and a good meal cooked over a hot flame.

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