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DIY Ironing Spray Starch

I will be the first to admit that ironing is not always on my list of priorities.  As much as I love cleaning my house (and yes, I really *do* love it!), ironing is one of those things I always put off...so much so that I think I've only ever used my ironing board and iron maybe a dozen times in the past few years and only in dire need. 

Cut to me with a pile of dresses--absolutely adorable dresses, mind you--that I wanted to wear but hadn't because (you guessed it) they need to be ironed.  My default excuse was that I didn't have any starch to iron out all the wrinkles and smooth out the pleats of my clothes.  Then one day I bit the bullet and commit to an afternoon of ironing so that I could finally wear those dresses.  I even learned how to make my own spray starch so I wouldn't be tempted to put off my chore with my go-to excuse. 

Now here I am with a closet full of well-ironed clothes and a new addiction blooming: ironing!  Yes, it's true, I've fallen in love with the soothing routine and all because of making my own starch.  It is a simple mixture of cornstarch and water, but there is something about mixing up a batch (way cheaper and eco-friendlier than anything you'll get in the store) and spraying it across my wrinkled dresses feels so right.  Now I can't stop myself. 

And you should try it too.  All you need is a clean empty spray bottle and cornstarch, and you've got yourself a household miracle.  If you want a heavier starch, use more cornstarch--less, use less.  Use cold water here to keep cornstarch from clumping. 


Heaping tablespoon cornstarch

1 pint cold water

Add ingredients to an empty spray bottle and shake well until cornstarch dissolves. Store in fridge.  Shake well before each use.  Enjoy wrinkle free clothes!

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