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On Cleaning Your Home

It becomes a meditation on your life, never just about wiping off the dust from your writing table or sweeping away the cobwebs on your patio.  It is about sweeping off those same cobwebs from your mind, clearing away the debris from the week, ironing out the wrinkles in your thoughts as you iron them out of the flouncy dresses you so love to wear.

You use your baking soda to scrub away bad thoughts and any mildew on your shower wall; your homemade vinegar spray kills the germs in your kitchen and bathroom as its sharp scent, mixed with lavender, clears the head.  Your vacuum sucks up the dirt and stress that your shoes have dragged in, leaving behind only tranquility and fresh air.

As you clean, as you tend to your things, your home, you remove all doubt from your mind, cast away anything that does not actively nourish you, fill your spirit with light and well-being.  You create your sanctuary, a reflection of the life you choose to lead, free of dirt stuck in corners and grunge in the mind. 

You fill your space with light, with warmth, with clean thinking and clean air.  You know your home is a living breathing thing that does not flourish unless well-tended.  Together you nourish each other, creating a life worth living.

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