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On the Witchcraft Mysteries

You brought fashion back into my life and more than a little magic.

I found you one rainy day when I took refuge in my favorite Seattle Mystery Bookshop; the drizzle and damp were getting to me as much as my studies were, making me long for my dry desert home and more warmth in my life.  There you were, the perfect respite from the world: your soft blue cover featuring a woman who is now one of my favorite heroines, locking up what I now know is her vintage clothing store.  The pink glitter--wisps of magic?--didn't hurt things, either.

I returned home, wanting nothing more than a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and this book.  I devoured this story and the next and the next, feeding my soul with the trials and triumphs of Lily Ivory, the powerful witch in search of a normal life. I looked to her to find my balance, my normal in the midst of graduate school, and still do now, as I learn what it means to teach, write, and conjure up the type of life I choose to live...

...and even as I discover normal is overrated--magic is always at the heart of the best things. 

From Lily, I remembered the magic of fashion--the power of a dress to lift your spirits and make you a little more daring.  I discovered the enjoyment of a potted herb garden and the gentle art of making yourself a part of your chosen home even when your knees tremble and your heart skips a beat, for there will always be a Bronwyn or an Oscar ready to welcome you.  And I learned that though you might find yourself in the midst of old ghosts or freshly raised demons, you know you are strong enough to banish them.  I also realized the practical pleasures of wearing keds with my vintage inspired dresses (all the better to look fashionable while on your feet all day) and how to properly deflect hexes--and brew a spell or a good gumbo.  I have even been known to crave a toasted bagel with cream cheese, jalapenos, and avocados--a Lily Ivory go-to breakfast.

But perhaps most of all, I've found that Lily's greatest power lies not in her ability to vanquish demons or cast out mischievous spirits, or even in her knack for reading the vibes of old clothes.  Her power is in her resilient vulnerability, her indefatigable openness to the good in life and her relentless pursuit of everyday enjoyment.

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