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On Enjoyment

You will never understand those who are too stingy with it--squeezing it in on the weekends, stuffing themselves full in a panic as if Monday might steal their ability to enjoy the world.  They ration it out across each evening, Sundays through Thursdays, push it out of their nine to five days. It is as if they feel their supply is limited, that they must bottle it up, store it in a small jar in the back of their pantry and save it for some other day. 

But that will not do.

Enjoyment is too precious a necessity to sit neglected on some dusty shelf.  It must be brought into the light and savored every day.  You cannot live without the lush, bubbly feeling that tickles your senses like a glass of champagne in your belly, getting you drunk on the pure deliciousness of one moment experienced fully. 

You will not turn away from such bliss, nor wearily resign yourself to a stint (a week? a month?) at more chaste living as if you were perpetually half-ashamed of your hedonism.  No, you will call to it, search for those pockets of enjoyment in your day to day.

You will revel in the early morning bird song, that melodious foreshadowing of spring.  You will relish the stolen afternoon planting your radish seeds--perhaps too soon, but the warm weather has made you reckless--and the feel satisfaction of unscrewing the lid to your mason jar lunch, all that spinach stuffed into such tight quarters a welcome sight come noon.  You will even take pleasure in the afternoon call to the plumber that keeps you home to write and tend house, bringing you back to you.

Enjoyment is a big-hearted creature, growing bigger, bolder each time you seek it out.  It will take over everything if you let it--and you should.  Get drunk on the sunset.  Let the hum of your daily work wash over you, a rhythm made up of pen on paper, classroom to office.  Embrace the heady perfume of your dinner cooking on the stove, the lure of a half-finished book on your nightstand.

Enjoyment is found everywhere, in everything, unapologetically revealing the seemingly mundane as nothing short of magical.


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