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Rethinking Everyday Magic in October!

Speaking of celebrating my one-year anniversary with this amazing and super easy subscription contest in which you can win a fabulous prize, there are some other great things going on in the realm of Enchantment Learning & Living.  Not only can you continue to enjoy plenty more recipes and musing on the good life, but you can also enjoy a month of special Halloween themed blog posts in honor of the things that go bump in the night.

I've spent a lot of time on my blog talking about everyday magic--it's a central part of my writing--but with Halloween just around the corner, I began to wonder about the darker aspects of that energy. This type of magic is about more than just synchronicity and hobbit wisdom (as great as those things are); there is an equally important shadow side, if you will, to enchanted living.  What about the proverbial vampires and zombies we encounter in our day? What about hexes and nightmares?  These too are a part of everyday magic--as are their antidotes. 

You may have seen me moving in this direction already with posts like Descending into the Underworld and the Curse of Normalcy.  These too are about the darker aspects of everyday enchantment; this shadow side is not necessarily 'evil', but the realm of hidden desires, wants, fears, potentials that make up who we are; the waiting-to-be revealed wisdom just beyond the reach of our consciousness; and the violence that emerges when we cease to be true to ourselves.  There is a certain amount of chills and thrills to be expected when venturing into the unknown shadow realm.  It can be just as frightening as dueling with daily demons for all its ability to offer us insight into ourselves, our lives--or perhaps because it has so much potential to reveal our limitless ability to grow and change.

Sometimes the most terrifying thing in life--and the most empowering--is recognizing our full potential.  So join me for this monthly meditation on the shadow realm for a more well-rounded insight on everyday magic!

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