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On Synchronicity

It is the moment between thinking of moving in one direction and being stopped by a red light at the crosswalk. Don't go down that road.  It is the ladybug that lands on your porch as you turn your thoughts to that new blog. Yes, it says. Yes. Go that way.  It is the clock ticking in the middle of the night as you start awake from a nightmare (what is worth your time?), the clap of thunder that punctuates your revelations, the song that blares from your car radio when you key the ignition--there's no going back the lyrics roll out--just as you marvel at how your life is in the here and now. 

It is everywhere and nowhere, an ephemeral thread, a wisp of silk that guides you if you know how to read the signs.  The simple magic of listening to yourself and the world around you, without the condemning filters of over-thinking, feeling-numbing, self-critiquing.  It is pure insight.

It is the roadrunner that greets you one morning as you head to your office before class.  You pause to enjoy the beautiful morning, the way the mint green trees highlight the rich purple of the mountains, the turquoise sky a perfect backdrop to another day in the Land of Enchantment.  A thought flits through your brain--an old, worn thought that has outlived its welcome.  It has muscled its way in nonetheless, no doubt from the backdoor you left open from over-work the day before.  It is a thought from a past self, a small shadow of doubt on an otherwise gorgeous day.  A tiny dour question to your latest pop of inspiration.

And then the roadrunner crosses your path.  It darts past you from bush to rock to dry brush as you make your way to your office, confusing evil spirits by its X-shaped feet--leaving them unable to tell in which direction you are moving, casting away darkness and welcoming light.  All is well, it says. Follow the inspiration and all is well.   

So you turn from that shadowy thought--it is irrelevant--and wrap your inspiration around you like a leather coat.  You thank the roadrunner for his synchronous visit.  You thank the world for sending this message.  You thank yourself for listening.

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