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On Cooking Dinner

The news plays softly in the background, the day's events unfolding one after another in a smooth narrative stream.  A glass of wine sits on the counter next to your cutting board and pile of vegetables.  Thin medallions of sausage cook on the stove, perfuming the air with their rich, spicy aroma.  The dhal, made up of sweet onions and cooked-down lentils, simmers on the stove, adding to the tantalizing aroma.

As you wash and slice your green beans into inch-long slivers, you let the last of the day roll off you, the last little coil of tension that your yoga loosened, if not released.  You sip your glass of wine; the dry kiss of the white nectar rolls across your tongue in a burst of crisp citrus and honeysuckle. Next, you tackle the ripe cherry tomatoes which burst under your knife, spilling their wet seeds all over the cutting board.  You pull a jar of olives from your refrigerator, deciding they would be a nice addition to your stir fry.  You scoop a small handful out and cut them in half, popping a salty jewel into your mouth as you finish chopping. 

As world events turn over to national coverage, you pile the vegetables in with your sausage, letting the flavors meld.  They mix in the pan while you finish your glass of wine and the news.  It is time, then, to pour the steaming stir fry over the dhal.  You serve yourself in a big shallow bowl, grateful for this plateful of nourishment, this edible gift.

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