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On Brunch

You sleep in today--much longer than you had expected to.  You relish the sleepy feeling, the delicious laziness of a long night spent dreaming, the happy promise of a free day.

The day calls for a breakfast as leisurely as your waking.  You toy with the idea of waffles, but quickly dismiss it as too much work, too much to focus on.  Eventually, you ease yourself out of bed and claim jeans and a sweater.   The sun and fresh air lure you outside with the promise of a morning walk to the store, your mind finally settling on fresh fruit and a pastry for breakfast, maybe an omelet.  You walk down the street, coffee cup in hand, appreciating the birds' song, the steady hum of light traffic.

The market has the same unhurried bustle as the street outside.  You peruse the fruit spread out like edible jewels before you.  Add some blueberries to your basket.  They will pair well with the almond croissant you decided to commit to after examining the seductive confections lining the pastry case. 

On your walk home, your brunch menu forms in your mind. A scrambled egg stuffed with vegetables.  More coffee.  Your fruit and pastry.  Vivaldi is serenading you as your eggs sizzle in the pan.  The only thing missing is the paper spread out before you, the world's events broken into columns and captions.  Instead, you decide to let your mind breathe, free of words, of information for the moment, indulging in the slow breakfast preparation and the gradual unfolding of a lovely meal. 

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