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Dancing in the Rain

Last night I danced in the rain. 

I sang with the wind.  I spread my hands high over my head and tried to touch the dark clouds weighing down the evening sky; and I called upon that storm to sweep away the cobwebs and dust from my mind, to let the fat rain drops fall upon my face, a soothing balm across the tender center between both eyes.

I let the distant rumble of thunder echo in my bones and the promise of lightning tickle my long wet hair.  I, I did this, making myself one with the rhythm of nature, allowing myself to understand the bigness of it, the fullness of this universe that goes beyond myself and within myself.  My bare feet rooted themselves in puddles as I twirled among the rain drops and clouds thick with cleansing desert magic. 

I was a spirit dancing among other spirits--trees, grass, mountains, and their guardians.  I was a raindrop covering the earth with my love.  I was the quiet in the storm, the stillness in the dance, the held breath between one clap of thunder and another.  I was the whisper of the earth's smile.

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