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On Belief

The deepest form of magic.  It's how we conjure day after day, crafting our lives through a series of routines, thoughts, actions, dreams.  It creates our reality and paves the road to our future.  It is the strongest yet most ephemeral of things: belief.

Yes, magic.  Often cast without conscious intention or a clear purpose.  Rather, it is like a well-worn road made by the repeated tread of footsteps.  But like any magic, it is capable of both dark and light.  Sometimes used to stop yourself short of fulfilling your own potential. Stuff like that just doesn't happen to people like me, that's not real life, that's just how things are.  Or used to conjure a deeper way of living. Let's bring this dream into the waking world, this will happen sooner rather than later, what I am searching for will find me in its own time.

If not a well-worn road, let it be a butterfly's wing, so fragile and yet capable of making you fly.  Still not convinced?  Then think of your belief as the silky wisp of a spider's thread: breakable with just one strand but when spun with others, over time it becomes a home that protects and nourishes.  Belief, any way you choose to think of it, is the backbone of our existence, making its home in your spine and radiating outward to craft your world from hopes and dreams and fears and what-will-bes and what-might-have-beens.

So what will you choose to believe in?  What path do you choose to create?  For belief at its strongest, at its most unbreakable, is a fluid thing shaped by nourishing the dreams of our most authentic self.

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