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On the Necessity of Nice Underwear

It reminds you that you are a woman before you don your costumes of teacher, writer, sister, daughter; that you are first and foremost flesh and heart and body.  Your skin is enveloped in lace and satin, a constant loving caress as you go about the business of being a warrior.  A small indulgence, a secret concession to hedonism as you make your way through the practicalities of your day.

This seeming frivolity defines you at your core, worn for no other reason than that it pleases you.  There is no room for frayed elastic across your waist, nor a bra strap stretched and worn into limp colorless ribbons.  Every other garment you step into afterward is dictated by the quality of your underthings.  Your body will not be stained or blemished by anything.  It is a delicious aesthetic experience your torso wants, for you were put on this earth to feast on its delights and saturate your senses.  So you slip on the delicate lace underwear, relishing the texture of its intricate pattern across your flesh, and the way your silky slip slides across your torso.  You take your time with this ritual, adorning yourself in this second skin, this breath between the privacy of your home and the armor you wear out into this world. 

This intimate wearable art reveals nothing except how you really feel about yourself, your animal heart and each curve along the map of your body.  Only that small fact, and nothing more, that rests in your center like a small seed ready to sprout in the body of the woman and climb its way through the satin and lace towards your heartbeat.

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