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Mason Jar Farmers' Market Salad


It goes without saying that I am addicted to the farmers' market this time of year.  I almost feel like it's a sin to get my produce anywhere else; I mean, where would I find tomatoes that taste like sun-kissed heaven or little cucumbers just begging to be pickled?  Out of this love, stems my mason jar farmers market salad, perfect only this time of year when the produce speaks for itself and needs no more than a wash and a chop to be a divine meal. 

I find it an extra treat during the school year to have this salad for lunch because it reminds me of the lovely time I had gathering the ingredients the Saturday before and the wonderful time I will have the coming weekend gathering more ingredients to play with. The trick to this salad--and most of my mason jar meals--is to get as many different colors as possible into one jar--more colors equal more nutritional value in your meal.  You'll notice that I included the beet greens here--you can do the same for the radish leaves as well.  Just make sure that your greens are firm and unblemished, not mushy or wilted.  This salad is also pretty versatile--just mix together whatever veggies you were able to get from the farmers' market that week.  But below is my basic salad, the one I keep going back to rain or shine.


2 cup chopped green or purple beans

1 cup sliced radishes

2 cup fresh corn

1 cup sliced beets

1 cup sliced beet greens

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

salt to taste (optional)

Combine apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and salt if desired in a small mason jar and shake until combined.  Divide dressing between four mason jars evenly.  Then proceed to layer each ingredient evenly between 4 mason jars.  I like to start with the green beans or beets and then layer a different colored veggie and ending with my greens on top. Store in the fridge.  When you're ready for your mason jar meal, simply shake the jar to spread the dressing around.  You can eat straight from the jar or pour it on a plate.  Serves 4.  Enjoy!

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