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On Power Outages

Life did not want you to work hard today.  Not unnecessarily.  Not when it is a perfect summer day out: hot but overcast with a slight breeze to keep the heat from becoming overbearing.  Not when you could be lingering on your porch, admiring your newly fertilized plants or out poolside, whiling away an afternoon over a good book and a bottle of sparkling water.

So naturally the power in your apartment goes out.  No internet connection, when it comes back on.  In fact, you are informed that you won't be cakc online until six o'clock this evening and by then a day of blogging and social networking will have gone by--which, Life seems to tell you, is the point.

You've been zooming around the cyber highways and byways, tending your virtual garden, overworking without quite realizing that that was what you were doing.  Which is when Life takes over on a day when you wake up unable to move quickly even if you had to.

Disconnected from the world wide web, you reconnect to your summer.  You finally hang those watercolors you bought in Paris from an artist painting along the Seine.  You tend your actual garden.  You clean your house and do the laundry. You give yourself over to an afternoon poolside, swimming, reading, snoozing--soaking up summer like a sponge soaks up water. 

And when your internet is connected again--and after you've posted your daily blog--you return to your quiet.  You are grateful to be able to once again to be connected to your virtual garden, but grateful, too, to be reconnected to your here and now.

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