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What Simple Pleasures Do You Love? Share Here!

As you know, I spend a lot of time on this blog writing about simple pleasures, from Buying a Bouquet of Flowers, to the delight of Drinking a Glass of Wine on My Patio, to that thing of pure bliss, otherwise known as Getting Sh** Done.

But now I want to know what your simple pleasures are!  What inspires you?  What makes your day just a little brighter?  What do you look forward to during the week?  One of my favorite things about blogging is that I get to have this conversation with fellow readers and writers about what makes our life enjoyable and how we continue to create that enjoyment through cultivating a space to stop and ponder the little things we value in our lives.  In essence, we are thinking about what feeds our soul, day in, day out.  So share your thoughts!  Who knows, you might even inspire a blog on the topic!

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