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On Attitude

Attitude (n):  1. A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. 2.  A position of the body proper to or implying an action or mental state. 3. Individuality and self-confidence as manifested by behavior or appearance; style. -- oxforddictionaries.com

Your body is your mind, a reflection of all you hold dear, all you would reject. It carries your thoughts in your veins and maps your feelings in your body's tissues and sinewy muscles.  The grace of your actions, a mirror to what you allow into your mind, but deeper still, your soul and the very fabric that it is woven from.

You must be careful with this connection, the braided threads of mind, body, soul.  It is a gift, this power of reflection and magnification, your body absorbing what your deepest you conjures through thoughts, feelings, nourishing your whole self.  But this mirroring goes both ways.  It lets in light and hope, nurtured through your thoughts of growth and wholeness, of forward movement and healing. 

And yet, it too can feed off of the weeds in your mind, the doubts and old selves that grow through the cracks in your self-confidence.  It can leak out in bad posture or long-healed injuries flaring up, or nasty thoughts that encourage those weeds to grow deeper, thicker--until your mind would be a dark bramble seeping through your mirror, your body in the form of heaviness, a disconnection that wraps itself around you like a fog.

The only way to dispel the fog swirling in the mirror, to make those brambles fade back into the cracks they grew out of and seal off those openings is to let in light; feed your individual attitude mapped in your veins and bones.  Awaken the core you sleeping inside your ribcage, and reminding it that it is a force of sun and earth, blood and bones, strong roots and open wings. 

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