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It's My 6th Month Anniversary of Daily Blogging on Simple Pleasures!

The first of the year saw me making one of those big fat New Year's resolutions, which for me was to write a daily blog on simple pleasures, everyday magic, and any other meditations about the good life that I could think up.  Since then, I've blogged about my passions for gardening, cooking (with tons of recipes!), yoga-ing, and nurturing my introverted personality and my super loud fashion sense.  Every.  Single.  Day.  It's been such an adventure and a great learning experience--but more musings on that tomorrow.

And then today came, and I realized six months had gone by since I started this epic act of self-care.  Woohoo!  I've made it to the halfway point!  Just another six-months to go...and don't worry, when this year of daily blogging is up, I'll still be here blogging away on the little things in life that make me happy, whole, and grounded. 

So what am I going to do now?  Well, clearly, drink some celebratory champagne and generally have a ball like this lady here...


...and keep writing of course!  You can look forward to more musing on everyday magic and simple pleasures each day.  Some cool additions to my blog have included a recipe index, where you can find all the food, drink, and DIY beauty recipes I've featured on my blog.  As of last week, I've officially compiled a blog index, which catalogs all the (non-recipe) reflection blogs I've written so far by general topics.  So if you can't remember where that one great recipe was or that one blog that really resonated with you--or if you just want to browse for some life inspiration--you can check out these indexes.  And if you want even more inspiration (really, who doesn't?), you can follow ELL on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

I want to thank my readers for your support, your comments, and your engagement on my posts!  It has been such a treat to share my reflections and recipes on enjoying the little things in life.  I look forward to another six months and beyond of celebrating everyday magic!  You can help me celebrate by spreading the word to friends, family, colleagues--anyone who wants a little extra magic in their day--about my blog.  You can always subscribe to my blog by typing in your email in the subscription link at the bottom of each post (this will ensure you get my latest post emailed directly to you) or join me on Bloglovin to peruse my posts at your leisure. 

In the meantime, always remember that true magic is in everyday living and learning!

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