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On Pedicures

Your life can be explained in toes.  It can be mapped on the soles of your feet, the thick pads tattooed with wrinkles and lifelines that mirror the riverbeds in your hands.  Each footstep is another groove worn into your life-path, another print outlining how you got to the here and now. Your toes, your feet carry the weight of that map, the tread of your day-to-day life.

It is pure enjoyment, naturally, to put those feet up once in a while, to pamper those graceful soles that both ground and elevate you.  To this day you have only ever had one manicure and two pedicures, including the one you are enjoying right now, your feet propped up on the ledge of your fancy chair as the nail artist paints your toenails a soft lilac color (you never were one for the more traditional colors). 

The door of the nail shop opens out onto the small town of Ruidoso; the main street is lined with shops and restaurants.  The fans blow in the direction of you and the desert women you are with, cooling the hot temperature of the foot bath and drying your nails. Outside you can feel the sun begin to lower, the trees in the nearby mountains settling in for the night.

Your feet have been cleaned and scrubbed and pampered, worn smooth as if any heaviness in your past year has been buffed away from your soles and your feet now feel naked, new, just like your trip to this mountain town seems to have breathed new life into your soul and reminded you why New Mexico will always be your home.

Putting feet up post pedicure.

Putting feet up post pedicure.

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