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On Watching Old Movies All Day

You are feeling positively lazy. 

It is a Sunday built for lollygagging.  You luxuriate in this feeling and this absence of things to do.  Your normal Sunday routine when teaching is one of cooking up your weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But you don't have to worry about that now or give to the fear of not having time or energy for three healthy meals a day.  Now, you have all the time in the world.

It is a divine pleasure to snuggle up on your couch and watch old movies.  You start with your Marilyn Monroe stash--The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot--paying as much attention to the outfits as the plots, although you've seen both a million times.  Then you move to your Audrey Hepburn movies, getting swept up in her adventures in Sabrina, Funny Face, and Roman Holiday.  In each movie, you marvel at her transformation from young naif to polished sophisticate, drooling even more at her glamorous evening gowns and posh day wear (yes, even as you enjoy your own pajama pants and tank top).

Eventually, you might even talk yourself into a beer and a book on your patio.  But for now, you snuggle deeper under you knitted blanket on the couch, awash in Technicolor and black and white dreams, feeling as if everything is positively right with the world.

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