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London...and Beyond!

I'm on the last leg of my trip here in London.  Wow!  What an epic adventure!

I can't wait to try a proper cup of tea (okay, let me indulge just this one stereotype bred from reading too many Victorian novels, wink wink)--maybe even a real afternoon tea!--and genuine fish and chips.  As for our itinerary, we have plans to visit the Freud Museum and the Tate Modern one day, and then take a tour to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Bath, and a small medieval English town the next.  I personally can't wait to see Bath, the setting for so many of the Regency and Victorian books I read when I was younger--and the Enlightenment novels I read while in school.

Of course, the book lover in me will totally be geeking out too and will probably go in search of 221B Baker Street and other signs of some of the greatest stories ever written.  I'll no doubt get plenty of Jane Austen history in Bath and even some Dickensian revelations in the streets of London proper. 

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