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On Barcelona!

Wow!  This city is a feast for the senses!  It's like living in a glorious open museum, thanks to all the Gaudi architecture filled with whimsical designs and bright colors--my kind of buildings!

So far, our plan has been to take in Gaudi's La Pedrera at night, which is finished off with a champagne toast pre-dinner--which doesn't start up until around 10 pm here (yikes! Way later than this lady is used too; but while it's way past my bedtime, but somehow I don't feel it...maybe it's the champagne). During the day, we will explore the city, from La Familia Sagrada, a famous church built by Gaudi, and several of the big museums, probably the Picasso and Joan Miro museums--but who knows where the day will take us!

Part of the fun of travel is having loose plans and then deviating from them.  All I know is that there will definitely be tapas at night and, according to my sister and her husband, a really great Mexican restaurant here.  Saturday will most definitely be a day at the beach in Sitges, one of the most idyllic places to swim and sunbathe--and home of the best tapas place on the planet, according to my sister.

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