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Chamomile Face Toner

Lately, I have been loving chamomile!  It's gentle apple taste and nurturing properties have made it my go-to bedtime tea these past few weeks and I've even enjoyed using it as a steep for soothing bubble baths and beauty treats.

One of my all-time favorite chamomile beauty treats is the face toner I make out of brewing a strong cup of these little flowers.  It treats puffiness, inflammation, and irritated skin, perfect for this time of year when the season change can wreak havoc on our skin--especially with all this dry, windy weather we've been having in Albuquerque!  This toner is also great for sensitive skin; it simply soothes and heals, without drying or exposing your skin to harmful chemicals like mainstream toners.  So if your face needs a little extra TLC, try this--it's super easy!


1 heaping tablespoon chamomile

1 cup water

Bring water to a boil--pour into mug.  Add chamomile and let steep for five minutes. Pour tea through a strainer and into a mason jar (keep the lid off for now).  Allow to cool completely.  Store in a mason jar in the fridge for up to one week.  To use, simply dab a cotton ball in the tea toner and rub on a freshly washed face.  This is gentle enough to use in the morning and again at night.  Enjoy!

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