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5 Things I've Learned from Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective

One of my new favorite book (and TV) series is the Phryne Fisher Mysteries, about a saucy well-dressed 1920s lady out to enjoy the world and try her hand at sleuthing.  She's smart; she's glamorous; she's always ready for her next adventure. She knows her way around the dance floor and a crime scene and isn't afraid to do a little undercover work or ruffle some feathers, especially if it means making sure justice is done--with tons of style no less!  As I've been making my way through the books and the show, I find myself looking to this thoroughly modern woman for a little life inspiration.  Here are the top 5 things I've learned from this wickedly wonderful lady detective:

1.  Always pack the heat.  Miss Fisher knows that you should be prepared for anything (or anyone) to happen, whether you are actively working on a case or not.  You never know when you'll walk into the middle of an opium war in Chinatown or find yourself in a compromising position by the docks--or who you might meet there.  Whether it's Detective Inspector Jack Robinson on the same hunch you are or dashing but dangerous Russian dancer, it pays to pack the heat.

fisher 1.jpg

2.  When in doubt, dance.  This one is important.  Sometimes there is nothing but a twirl around the dance floor to turn a boring night into a magical one or use the tango as a pretext for grilling your next suspect.  Either way, you'll look good doing it.

fisher 3.jpg

3. "A woman should dress first and foremost for her own pleasure," so say this lady detective to her maid and good friend, Dot, in season two.  And she's right.  There is something so empowering and satisfying about dawning a perfectly cut dress and your favorite pair of heels--the fact that they might appeal to others is beside the point!

fisher 5.jpg

4. A good man is one who knows how to use his weapon.  As great as Miss Fisher is, she is nothing without the strong and capable Inspector Jack Robinson at her side--and she knows it.  Sure, she's seen her fair share of men (and their weaponry), but at the end of the day, she knows Jack is one of the good ones.

5.  Always dress for success.  Whether you are posing as an exotic dancer for your latest sting operation or simply hoping to endure lunch with your stuffy Aunt Prudence, dressing well is living well--and makes life just a little more delicious!

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