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10 Things I Say I Will Accomplish Over Spring Break...

It's that time of year again--the time when spring is at your door and almost begs you to make lofty plans to soak up some of the extra energy and lightness you feel.  Spring break is always like a second round of New Year's Resolutions for me; I get inspired by the time change and the birds chirping and want to do spring cleaning and tackle all sorts of long-put-off projects and adventures.  So, here is my granted over-the-top-hopeful list of things I'd like to accomplish over spring break (assuming I don't just sleep my way through it).

1. Spring cleaning!  It's time to dust all those nooks and crannies again--what better time to do it than when I have a whole week off from teaching?

2.  Get caught up on those lesson plans!  Yes, all teachers at one time or another have the faint hope that this will be the break they get completely caught up on all grading, planning, and organizing.

3.  Wash the car.  Seriously, it needs it.

4.  Bake.  Fresh bread, healthy-for-you muffins, delicate tea scones.

5.  Make more body butter. Yes, it always feels great to whip up another batch of my favorite body butter, especially when I can lace it with the smell of spring.  Mmmmm...lavender-lemon body butter....

6.  Organize all those files that sit in my closet, slightly disheveled and feeling more or less abandoned.

7.  Try new recipes--cook up a storm.  Maybe even be wild and attempt some veggie sushi.

8.  Tackle that new crafting project.  Hell, if glitter is involved, what's *not* to enjoy?

9.  Practice my Spanish.  Who knows--it could very well come in handy for travel.

10.  Begin organizing my planter garden.  Pots need to be picked, seeds purchased, soil gathered so that I'm ready to plant when the time is right.

Ambitious?  Heck yes!  But sometimes these wild fantasies of what we hope to get done are half the fun of anticipating a mini-holiday.

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