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On Technological Glitches

You have no idea how it happened.

One moment, everything was fine.  The next, the bottom half of your blog page on your website has taken on a mind of its own.  No longer confined to the clearly outlined crisp white area, the words of each daily meditation sprawl across your window, taking up every extra piece of space--and the few images you have soon following suit. 

You take a deep breath.  Then another.  Then attempt every little trick you know about technology to fix it (granted they are few); you play with your admin gadgets and your style options, you restart your computer, you pray to whatever tech gods hide inside your computer.  But nothing works.  You are left with no other options but to contact the web host powers-that-be so that they can fix it.  They will look into it, they say.  It will take time, they say.

So you sit at your writing desk and ponder.  And as you gaze at the mason jar full of daffodils on your desk, your mind goes back to the other little electronic glitches that have come up in the past week: an iPod that temporarily stops working, a light that shorts out when you turn it on.  All of which lead you to one realization: it is not the tech gods in your computer that need appeasing or the lights in your home that need a change.  It is you.  

Your battery has run low.  There have been too many days in a row glued to a desk, too few opportunities to let your mind rest.  The energies around you pick it up, absorb it, and then power down, short out, unravel.  So you do the only thing you can when life has taken so much effort to show you your own reflection: you turn off your computer.  You leave your desk.  You take a walk. 

After a while, your mind remembers what it is like not to be in front of a computer screen.

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