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Tea Lover Gift Basket Two Ways

Every time I think I have more tea than I can possibly finish, I get seduced by another blend to try, either my own or one I see in one of my favorite shops around Albuquerque--a classic tea lover's dilemma!  Same goes for tea accouterments--strainers, teapots (especially my mom's!), tea cups...you name it.  These two holiday gift baskets are perfect for quenching the thirst of your favorite tea lovers.

1.  Tea Sampler:  Samplers, or small jars of various teas, are a great way to try a bunch of different flavors before committing to a whole jar of tea. I like to use little 2 oz jam jars to share an array of my festive holiday blends like Winter Wellness Blend, Winter Solstice Tea, Holiday Chai, and Orange Spice Rooibos.  As always, stick to a theme--in this case, winter or holiday teas.  You can go the extra mile and provide the recipe for each tea should the receiver ever want to mix up a batch of his or her favorite!

2.  Tea Treats: For the tea lover whose tastes are pretty set--or who you know absolutely loves a certain kind of tea--provide her with a jar of her favorite tea, a cheesy holiday tea mug, and maybe a funky strainer.  Wrap in ribbon and wa-la!  You have the perfect treat for your tea buddy.

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