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Best Hits: Reading & Writing

I am a woman of words as well as flesh and blood; I write because I have to.  Too long away from the words and I turn as parched and fragile as old paper.  The same with stories.  I need novels and books to sooth me to sleep at night, to guide me during the day, to disappear into when I need a respite from this world--and when I need fresh eyes to look at my life and then dive in and enjoy it!

All that's missing is a fat mug of tea to drink as you read through these short essays on the divine power of reading, writing, and a good story:

1.  On Writing in the Second Person

2.  On Thunderstorms & Gothic Novels

3.  On Being the Heroine of Your Own Life

4.  On the Hunt for a New Read

5.  5 Things I've Learned from Miss Phryne Fisher, Lady Detective

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