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Kitchen Lovin' Gift Basket

This basket of treats is perfect for the hobbit in your life who likes nothing better than to tinker in the kitchen.  It's packed with fun things like fancy salt, special olive oil, and a few other goodies to spice up their kitchen conjurings.

I like to add a little extra oomph to these gift baskets by throwing in a fun dish towel or a few recipes that use the ingredients I've included.  I will even add hard-to-find indulgences like caper berries (I'm addicted to them!) which you can track down online or at your local specialty foods store.  The big thing is to create a gift that inspires tinkering!

Best of all, your favorite cook will probably invite you over to try some of the dishes he or she whips up from this gift basket.  It's a win-win situation. Keep in mind some of the things I list here need refrigeration, so don't package this until right before you want your receiver to open it.

1. Chile Olive Oil

2. 3 Citrus Himalayan Salt

3.  Ghee

4.  Homemade Pickles

5.  Basil-Nutritional Yeast Pesto


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