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On Why I Love Steampunk Heroines

I will never say no to a book that includes swashbuckling adventure, some imagination, and more than a little magic. That goes double for one that features a heroine who uses her intellect, her strength, her powers (or all three) to fight the forces of darkness and still be home in time for tea, impeccably dressed, and ready to attend to the shortbread and potential suitors.

They reflect the two parts of me: the first, a woman who loves a good cup of tea and a spin around the dance floor.  The other, a woman more at home between the covers of a book (or manning a dirigible inside its pages) than within the confines of her proverbial corset (no matter how good she knows it makes her look).


They find their way through this clockwork world one gear at a time, unwilling to be stuffed into stories without magic, without imagination. For they are made up of enchantments and emotion, science and rational thought, each piece making the other whole. 


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