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On Yes's, No's, & Maybe's

This week has got me thinking about the boundaries we set in our lives (the no's), the things we choose to let into our lives (the yeses), and the things that we are okay to be happily ambivalent about (the maybes)

It seems to me life is a delicate balance between these three things.  Without the no's we are forever beholden to a people-pleasing version of ourselves that leaves us an empty husk of who we could really be; without the yes's we can't let in the good people that make up part of our soul-filling intimate bonds or the impromptu adventures with them that come our way.  The maybe's are perhaps more mercurial in their meaning, forever inviting us to see the possibility--and changeability--of a situation. 

However you are feeling this week--full of no's, yes's, maybe's, or a little bit of each, I leave you with a few short essays on the power of these three little words:

  1. On the Power of 'Yes'
  2. On the Power of 'No'
  3. On Maybe's

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