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On Long Walks

You wake up with an expansive feeling in your chest, a longing to roam to the farthest reaches of your territory.  You want the sun on your skin and fresh air to tickle your nose.  There is simply nothing to do but wander wherever your feet will take you--perhaps here to the neighborhood bookstore, or there to the park, full of families playing games and couples walking their dogs.  All you know is that you must walk until the bright energy in your chest reaches your toes and your whole body sings with the fullness of life. 

The birds support this plan, luring out of your home with their playful chatter and accompanying you as you drift through the city, one step at a time. The naked tree branches remind you that it's still winter, although it feels more like the first kiss of spring in the air. 

You pause at each turn to consider your next direction; your decisions move you toward an unplanned adventure, the promise of an unexpected delight.  Even as you move forward, a part of you is waiting expectantly, longing for a joyful surprise hidden behind each fork in the road, a mystery to be discovered, a hidden gem of something or another to be revealed.  Because today your city is more than just a map of routes that get you from A to B, but a nest of haunts and jewels to be savored, lingered over, like a cup of tea on a cold day. 

Eventually, when your legs tire and your appetite for an adventure is sated, you wander home, happy with roaming, but happier still to return to your sanctuary, the promise of a hot bath awaiting you.

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